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La belleza


This may not be a well-known fact but beauty salons and hairdressers are just as popular in Spain as you would imagine they are in Paris. Don't be surprised if, other than Spanish schools, in Spain you find a wealth of places to choose from to keep yourself in tip-top condition. So there is no excuse for not looking as good as the Spanish do.

To be able to do so, though, you'll need to be familiar with these words.

English WordSpanish WordPronunciation
hairel peloel pelloh
hair styleel peinadoel py-nadoh
hairdresserpeluquero /apeh-loo-caroh / peh-loo carer
hair salonla peluqueriala peh-loo-kur-eeyer
blonderubio /aroo-beyoh / roo-beyah
bangsel flequilloel feckeeyoh
long hairpelo largopelloh largoh
short hairpelo cortopelloh cortoh
curly hairpelo rizadopello rithadoh
straight hairpelo lisopello leesoh
highlights / lowlightsmechasmechass
coloured hairpelo teñidopello ten-yeedo
brunettemoreno /amoh-raynoh / moh-rayner
red headpelirrojo /apelly-rrockhoh / pelly rrockhah
brown / chestnut haircastaño /acass-tanyo / cass-tannyer
mirrorel espejoel eh-speckhoh
brushel cepilloel theh-peeyoh
facela carala carrah
circles under the eyes (dark colour)ojerasockairers
bags under the eyes (bag shaped)bolsas de ojosbolsers de ockhos
blackheadpunto negropoontoh negrow
spotel granoel grannow
bug bitela picadurala picker-durer
swollen bug biteel habónel ha-bonn
crows feet / laughter lineslos patas de galloloss patass de gayoh
dry skinla piel secala pee-yell secker
combination skinla piel mixtala pee-yell mixter
sensitive skinla piel sensiblela pee-yell sen-seebley
creamla cremala craymer
shampooel champúel cham-pooh
conditionerel acondicionadorel ah-con-ditheeyon-ah-dor
make upel maquillajeel mah-keey-ackey
to make yourself upmaquillarsemah-keey-arsey
blusherel coloreteel coh-lor-ettey
eye / eyebrow pencilla lápiz de ojos / cejas

la lahpeeth de ockos / thechkass

eye shadowsombra de ojossombrer de ockos
bronzerel bronceadorel bron-thee-ah-dor
beauty salonel salon de bellezael sah-lon de beyayther
manicurela manicurala manny-curer
pedicurela pedicurala peddy-curer
nail varnishel esmalteel ess-maltey
waxing (hair removal)depilación con cerade-pi-lah-thyonn con thera
laser hair removaldepilación láserde-pi-lah-thyonn lasser
to shave oneselfafeitarseah-fay-tarsay
massageel masajeel mah-sackhee
tweezerslas pinzaslass pinthass
suntanning rayslos rayos uvaloss ryoss über
cotton woolel algodónel al-goh-donn
cotton bud / Q-tipel bastoncilloel bass-ton-theeyowe
wrinklela arrugala ah-roogah

Should you ever find yourself in one of those Spanish immersion programs and sharing accommodation with a Spanish female, you will notice an interesting dichotomy.

Most Spanish women will never leave their home unless dressed and made up in pristine condition as if they had taken a masters in a Beauty Institute. Their faces are always glowing, their lips are always red and their hair is always shiny - the "just got out of bed" or "I just threw this together quickly" looks are not part of the Spanish vocabulary. They like to dress flawlessly.

Behind closed doors, however, Spanish men and women are pyjama addicts. Pyjamas are the outfit of choice for mooching around the house, whether just arriving home from work for the day or relaxing on a Saturday morning, and there is usually no accompanying make-up. The beauty regime is saved for when leaving their casa.