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Las aves y los pájaros


So not every Spanish learner may be a member of their local ornithologists club. But birds are numerous and varied in Spain, and so are their names in the Spanish vocabulary., Which is why they get to have their own dedicated page. Watching them flying overhead, or served up on a plate with Spanish rice is entirely up to you.

You may be surprised to learn that there are a few places in Spain where you can see some truly wild birds, such as national parks, mountains and even just outside some tourist areas. Closer to Africa than mainland Spain, the Canary islands offer a wealth of opportunities for birdwatching.

On Spain's Costa del Sol, where due to the international population Spanish is not always the first language in some towns and villages, the mountain which towers over the town of Benalmádena, ten minutes drive from Málaga airport is home to eagles, falcons and vultures. Let's imagine you see one and want to tell your Spanish friend next to you. Which word would you use?

You'll find it here.

English WordSpanish WordPronunciation
eaglela águilala agheel-ah
chickenel polloel poyowe
turkeyel pavoel pab-o
duckel patoel pat-towe
swanel cisneel this-nee
vultureel buitreel boo-eatree
ravenel cuervoel kuh-ervoh
swallowla golondrinala ghol-on-dreenah
blackbirdel mirloel mear-lowe
rookel grajoel grakho
owlel búhoel boo-oh
owlla lechuzala leh-choother
sparrowel gorriónel goh-ree-yon
flamingoel flamencoel flah-menckoh
penguinoel pingüinoel pin-gweenowe
ostrichla avestruzla oss-treech
magpiela urracala oohr-racker
seagullla gaviotala ga-bhee-yotter

If birds are a factor in your decision as to where study Spanish, then the coast is the place for you. You can learn Spanish in Valencia, for example, and learn even more about the fauna around you.

That's a lot of knowledge to take back home.