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Did you know that Spain is one of the countries at the forefront of clean electricity?

Over the last decade solar and wind power have begun and flourished in Spain. A few years ago a law was passed to say that new buildings over a set size must incorporate solar panels for producing energy.

The first wind farms were placed in the year 2000, in Ibiza and now Spain is a world leader in producing wind energy.

English WordSpanish WordPronunciation
refrigeratorla neverala nuh-vehr-ah
refrigeratorel frigoríficoel frih-gho-reeffic-kow
freezerel congeladorel con-hel-a-dor
ovenel hornoel or-noh
stove / hobel vitroceramico / la placael veetrowe-theh-ramicah / la plackah
extractor fanel extractorel ex-track-tor
microwaveel microondasel mee-cron-dus
dishwasherel lavavajillasel la-va-va-kheeyas
dishwasherel lavaplatos (not commonly used)el la-va-pla-toss
washing machinela lavadorala la-va-door-ah
clothes dryerla secadorala se-ka-door-ah
air-conditioningel aire acondicionadoel ay-re a-con-dith-yon-ahdowe
heaterla estufala eh-stoof-ah
television / telly

la tel-leh-vis-syon / la telay

television / telly
water boilerel termoel tehr-mo
toasterel tostadorla toss-tador-ah
toasted sandwich makerla sandwicherael san-wich-air-ah
kettleel hervidorel ur-vidore
ironla planchala planch-ah
food processorel robotel row-bot
blenderla batidorala batty-dor-ah
coffee makerla cafeterala cah-feh-tay-rah
juicerel exprimidorel ex-pree-mee-dor
fryerla freidorala fray-ye-dorah
sewing machinela maquina de coserla ma-keenah de ko-sehr
vacuum cleanerla aspiradorala ah-spih-ra-dorah
stereomini cadena / equipo de músicamee-nee-cah-day-nah / el eh-keep-oh de moo-sickah
computerel ordenadorel or-den-a-dore
laptopel portatil / ordenador portatilel pore-ta-till / or-den-a dore pore-ta-till
electric razor / shaverla afeitadorala ah-fay-ta-dorah
electric toothbrushel cepillo de dientes eléctricoel thee-pee-yo de dee-entiss eh-lek-tree-ko
hairdrierel secadorla seh-ka-dor
hair straightenerla plancha (de pelo)la plan-chah (de pelloh)

Take a look around your home. How many electrical devices do you have? Most will be found in the kitchen and you'll probably be surprised at how many you actually have.

If you are learning the language but can't completely immerse yourself in Spanish, a great way to test your Spanish vocabulary is to actually head to an electricals shop and see how many of the different appliances you can name - it's far more challenging and fun than just reading vocabulary cards. You can also practice your knowlege of Spanish numbers at the same time as you read out the prices.

Electrical devices in Spain, like most of continental Europe, have plugs of 2 round prongs or pins. The electrical current is 220 volts, although there are still some areas where the old 115V system is still in place.