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Learn Spanish Vocabulary

Learn Spanish Vocabulary

Learning a brand new language is quite a challenge at first glance: new vocabulary, new expressions, new culture and a new way of thinking about that language.

The trick to learning Spanish, or any other foreign language, is to do so according to your schedule and your motivation. If you are not motivated then you will never be satisfied with or recognise your progress because you feel that you are not progressing. Motivation is the simple key to learning a new language, so you can break down the invisible wall in your mind and absorb everything new.

Equally, it is important to think about how much time you can dedicate to your Spanish studies. If you can only dedicate 5 to 10 minutes a day, that is fine. If you only remember 5 new words each day in those 5 minutes, that will be 35 new words by the end of the week and a Spanish vocabulary of 1825 words in a year. Bearing in mind that English speakers have an active vocabulary of about 10,000 words, thats already close to a fifth of the way there!


Don't think of success as speaking perfect Spanish in a month. It is not possible despite what anyone may say. Unless someone is brought up immersed in Spanish on a regular basis, it is almost impossible to become 100% bilingual. But do not despair, it does not take a lot to be able to order dinner in a Spanish restaurant, have a conversation, write an email, read the newspaper... All it takes is determination and recognition of the smaller goals you achieve on your way to becoming a Spanish speaker.

We've all seen fad diets which claim you can drop 20kg in 1 day, right? And we all know that there is no such thing as a diet where you can drop weight immediately. Dieting is a slow progress which needs to be worked at. Learning a language is no different. It takes time, determination and effort, and is a step by step process.

Why do you Want to Learn Spanish?

This should be the first question to ask yourself.

Spanish as a hobby should be fun. Spanish as a second language should be fun. Learning is not about sitting reading a book or web page of words, it is about learning them in context, looking for mental images in order to remember the new vocabulary or link it to personal experiences. If you can't afford to take the time out to study Spanish abroad, then you will need to find the next best option which works for you.

How Can I Measure my Success?

Every time you learn something new in Spanish is a success and you should never forget this. Think how much time you have and really can dedicate to learning Spanish. In one month you may have learned every single vocabulary page in this website and that would be great. In one month you may have learned 5 whole pages of vocabulary and that would be great too. Your success must be personal to you and something which you can note down and recognized so you can keep your motivation high.

If you love learning to speak Spanish, it will become second nature to you rather than a chore. Once you have the basic vocabulary down, you could listen to a Spanish music CD, watch a Spanish film or even try making typical Spanish food following a Spanish recipe. Spanish vocabulary is just the beginning of the language and like in English or any other language, you can never know too much of it!

There are an estimated 450 million native Spanish speakers in the world. Who will you be speaking to next?