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Months of the Year

Los meses del año


Just over 20 years ago, the book A Year in Provence opened up the eyes of English speakers on spending time abroad.

Whilst many students prefer budget trips around the globe, the more worldly traveler has been choosing to move overseas and live in a whole new world, often braving the challenges of learning a new language as well as the other upheavals that an overseas move can bring.

Of course, Spain is one of the countries that features in that list, for its good weather, European location, exquisite cuisine and spectacular scenery, not to mention its wealth of culture and historical monuments.

Spanish education is at the top of its game so whether it is a child starting in a Spanish school, a teen on a Spanish student exchange program, an adult learning Spanish abroad, a student looking ahead to study Spanish in the Spanish world, Spanish education has something for everyone as long as you enrol at the appropriate time of year.

The school year runs from late August / early September through until May / June. In the summer months, many students head to their holidays. Spanish undergraduates need to apply in June to study at a Spanish university and parents need to apply in April for secondary school places, including Bachillerato.

English WordSpanish WordPronunciation
monthel mesel mess
yearel añoel ann-yo
this yeareste añoes-tey ann-yo
next yearel año que vieneel ann-yo keh vih-enney
the forthcoming yearel próximo añoel prock-simmowe ann-yo
yearel año pasadoel ann-yo pah-sahdoh

The month of August is when the Spanish holiday take place, and many cities will run at half speed as the Spaniards head to the coast for the month. Many businesses close down across the country too, so keep this in mind if you are trying to order furniture, or are planning to bag a spot on the beach for yourself.

A note to the wise, if you are planning a beach holiday in August, you don't just need to fight for your spot of sand - there's also the hotel's sea views, car parking spots and even ice-cream in the supermarket has been known to sell out in coastal destinations.