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Spanish Numbers 21+

Los numeros españoles a partir de 21

Numbers 21+

Having already learned the numbers from 0-20, we can now tackle the higher numbers of the Spanish vocabulary. Ready for it to get a little bit complicated?

Let's go! - ¡vámonos!

It is common in Spain to say numbers as double digits, so if you are telling someone your Spanish mobile number, then you need to know how to say it the Spanish way: seis, ocho, nueve, veintitrés, treinta y cinco, ochenta y seis, for example.

The twenties numbers have their own special rule, but the rest of the numbers are formed by saying the ten number and the digit number: forty and one, fifty and six, ninety and nine...

As we count past 100 the numbers change again with the hundred numbers being a hundred singular and those from 200 having a plural ending. Lets take a look so you can count and learn Spanish numbers from 21 onwards.

English WordSpanish WordPronunciation
twenty oneveintiunoben-tee-ooh-no
twenty twoveintidosben-tee-doss
twenty threeveintitresben-tee-tress
twenty fourveinticuatroben-tee-kwotro
...and so on
thirty onetreinta y unotraintah ee ooh-no
forty twocuarenta y doskwarentah ee doss
fifty threecincuenta y tresthin-kwentah ee tress
one hundredcienthee-yen
one hundred and oneciento unothee-yen-toe ooh-no
one hundred and twenty eightciento veintiochothee-yen-toe ben-tee-ochowe
one hundred and seventy sixciento setenta y seisthee-yen-toe setenter ee sayze

Continuing with our counting, let's continue with 200 through to a million. Be careful with the number 500, it tends to cause confusion for beginners as it doesn't follow the same rule as the others.

English WordSpanish WordPronunciation
two hundreddoscientosdos-thee-yen-toss
three hundredtrescientostres-thee-yen-toss
four hundredcuatrocientoskwatrow-thee-yen-toss
five hundredquinientoskeen-ee-yen-toss
six hundredseiscientossays-thee-yen-toss
seven hundredsetecientossay-tteey-thee-yen-toss
eight hundredochocientosochowe-thee-yen-toss
nine hundrednovecientosnov-ee-thee-yen-toss
one thousandmilmill
two thousanddos mildoss mill
ten thousanddiez mildee-yeth mill
one hundred thousandcien milthee-yen mill
one millionun millónoon mee-yon