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Spain is pretty much like any other country when it comes to pets. Dogs and cats are by far the most popular ones among for families with children, as well as adults without children. Other popular family pets include rabbits, guinea pigs and hamsters, followed by birds and fish. Don't expect exotic pets when you visit Spain.

Spanish families who live in the countryside or away from cities are different. They may have less usual pets, or rear animals on farms. But as these are not typical pet animals, they are not included in the pet animal Spanish vocabulary list below.

English WordSpanish WordPronunciation
catel gatoel gattowe
dogel perroel perrowe
parrotel loroel lorrowe
parakeetel periquitoel peh-ree-keetoh
cockatoola cacatúala kakah-too-ah
mouseel ratónel ra-tonn
rabbitel conejoel ko-nekhoh
birdel pájaroel pakharrowe
fishel pezel peth
hamsterel hámsterel hamster
horseel caballoel ka-byowe
ponyel poniel poh-nee
snakela serpientela sur-pee-yentee
guinea pigla cobayala koh-buyer
ratla ratala ratter

Bitish musician turned Spanish farmer Chris Stewart, has contributed to creating a romantic idea of what living in a Spanish farm is like. But even Mr Stewart himself has commented throughout the books that you won't get very far without understanding the Spanish language.

You will get a first-rate view of this if, when you go learning Spanish in Spain, you choose a homestay program with a rural family. You will experience for yourself what Spanish day-to-day life is really like, or if you want to do voluntary work, on a farm, in a hotel or wherever else, consider a Spanish work experience program.

It's a fabulous idea if you want to gain work experience for your CV, or you are thinking about relocating to Spain, but want to see what it is really like for a few months before deciding to take the plunge.