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Vegetables and Salads

Las verduras y ensaladas


As a Mediterranian country, the Spanish diet is rich on healthy ingredients.

If you head out to eat in any Spanish restaurant, see if you can find a menu which does not include 2 or more salad options. The only exceptions will be those offering non-Spanish cuisine.

Whilst learning the Spanish vegetable vocabulary will give you one insight to Spanish, unless you actually travel to Spain for yourself, it is difficult to see the importance of fresh and home-cooked food in the Spanish diet.

Question. If you cook Spanish cuisine following the directions from a Spanish recipe book, will it truly taste Spanish?
Answer. How can you know if you've never eaten typical Spanish food in Spain before?
Solution. Take a Spanish course in Spain specialized in cooking to learn how to make the country's most famous and most popular dishes - it's also a great way to practice your Spanish domestic vocabulary too.

English WordSpanish WordPronunciation
carrotla zanahoriala thannah-or-yier
peaslos guisanteslos gwee-santess
cabbageel repolloel re-poyo
cauliflowerla coliflorel colly-florr
brussel sproutslas coles de bruselaslass coh-less de bruh-sellas
mushroomslos champiñonesloss cham-pin-yoness
tomatoel tomateel tomah-tey
broccoliel brócoliel broh-colly
aubergine / eggplantla berenjenala beh-ren-ghena
cucumberel pepinoel peh-peenoh
artichokela alcachofala al-cah-chowfah
onionla cebollala the-boyer
pepper (any pepper except black)el pimientoel pih-me-entowe
spinachlas espinacaslass es-pee-nack-ahs
lettucela lechugala leh-choog-ah
beetrootla remolachala re-moh-lach-ah
sweetcornel maízel my-eeth
leekel puerroel pware-oh
garlicel ajoel ah-ho
potatola patatala pah-ta-tah
potato (Canaries & Latin America)la papala pah-pah
rocketla rúculala rook-you-lah
pumpkin / squashla calabazala callah-bathah
courgetteel calabacínel callah-bah-thinn
avocadoel aguacateel ah-gwa-cahtay
saladla ensaladala en-sah-ladah
lettuce, tomato & onion based saladla ensalada mixtala en-sah-ladah mixtah
potato salad, often with tunala ensaladilla rusala en-sah-lee-yah roosah
seafood saladel salpicón de mariscoel sal-pee-conn de mah-riskowe

Did you know... Sunflower seeds are one of the most popular snack eaten by young people in Spain. Just as young people in other countries grab a packet of crisps or chips, Spanish youths will opt for pipas almost every time. Next time you see a group of young Spaniards sitting together, take a look to the ground and 8 out of 10 times, you'll see sunflower seed shells.