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Animals You Find at the Zoo

Los animales que encuentras en en el zoo


Although it could quite rightly be argued that every zoo has its own menagerie, there are certain animals that tend to be found whether you are at the Bronx zoo in New York or visiting the Madrid zoo. So imagine you want to share an anecdote involving one of those animals or visiting the zoo itself and fail to come up with a word for, "There were some lovely dolphins!"

You can, of course, enroll to take Spanish lessons in Madrid. But you can also check out the list of animals below and learn how the Spanish vocabulary deals with the animal kingdom.

English WordSpanish WordPronunciation
eagleel águilael agg-eelah
owlel búhoel boo-oh
camelel camelloel cam-ehyowe
kangarooel canguroel can-guroh
zebrala cebrala theb-rah
deerel ciervoel thee-erbowe
crocodileel cocodriloel cock-o-drillowe
dolphinel delfínel dell-feen
elephantel elefanteel ehl-e-phanteh
flamingoel flamencoel flamenckowe
sealla focala fockah
hippopotamusel hipopótamoel hippo-pot-amowe
giraffela jirafala hir-affah
lionel leónel lay-onn
sealionel león marinoel lay-onn mareenowe
monkeyel monoel moh-no
bearel osoel ossowe
pandael oso pandael ossowe panda
anteaterel oso hormigueroel ossowe orr-mee-geh-rowe
rhinocerousel rinoceronteel ree-nother-ontay
sharkel tiburónel tib-yo-ronn
tigerel tigreel tig-reey
tortoise or turtlela tortugala torr-toogah

These are just a few of our favourite zoo animals.

It may not be high up on your list of things to do when visiting Spain because there are so many other activities. But it's a great thing to do with children and, in a roundabout way, to support the wildlife kingdom and see both rare and endangered animals.

If you visit the Madrid zoo, for instance, keep an eye open for those adorable Chinese pandas!